Friday, August 5, 2011

C Programming: Getting Started. What is the best IDE for C?

Before starting actual coding, first, you have to do is to download IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which makes the programming easier and user-friendly. With the help of IDE, compiling and executing the code is done with GUI buttons but not with command in command prompt. There are so many IDEs that are available to us. Among them, I prefer you to use Code::Blocks IDE which  I think is best for C and C++. The developing process of Code::Blocks is still going on. It provides you a text area where you write code and there are buttons for compile and run to execute the program. It is very easy to use. You can make single file or you can create a Project also. You will be familiar with all these things once you start to use Code::Blocks. So first download it then I will teach you how to start coding and compiling using Code::Blocks.
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