C Programming: Mathematical Functions

acos(x)Arc cosine of x
asin(x)Arc sine of x
atan(x)Arc tangent of x
atan 2(x,y)Arc tangent of x/y
cos(x)Cosine of x
sin(x)Sine of x
tan(x)Tangent of x
cosh(x)Hyperbolic cosine of x
sinh(x)Hyperbolic sine of x
tanh(x)Hyperbolic tangent of x
Other Functions
ceil(x’)x rounded up to nearest integer
exp(x)e to the power x (e^x)
fabs(x)Absolute value of x
floor(x)x rounded down to the nearest interger
fmod(x,y)Remainder of x/y
log(x)Natural log of x, x>0
log10(x)Base 10 log of x, x>0
pow(x,y)x to the power y
sqrt(x)Square of x, x>=0

Remember this: To use Math functions in C program, you mush include header file #include<math.h>

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