Mini project Banking Record System in C++

Mini project Banking Record System is a simple database project in C++. It is done using file handling mechanism in C++. The record of the customer can be added, updated, searched and deleted. It is a simple project made using console application of C++. This means, no graphics component are added. The main target user of this project is the C++ beginners who want to make the project in C++ and especially those who are interested in File handling. This project is a complete package to learn how to use a file as a database. The complete source code for the project is given below:


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  1. Can U Provide Synopsis For This ASAP

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Navigating says:

    if you are using windows it works only on option 1 which is adding record

  4. Anonymous says:

    too many errors in this program……………………………………….

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