How to setup SDL in Code::Blocks ?

There are few simple steps to setup SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) in Code::Blocks and GCC MinGW Compiler. First of all make sure that Code::Blocks IDE is installed on your system properly. Follow the following procedure to setup SDL.

  1. Download SDL from .
  2. Decompress the archive.
  3. Copy SDL.dll from inside the bin folder to the your compilers bin directory (ie C:Mingwbin) This allows the compiler to find the dll at runtime time without having to put it in the same folder as your program or in the windows folder.
  4. Make a folder with name SDL in our C drive. Then copy lib and include folder from decompressed folder to SDL.
  5. Now open your Code::Blocks IDE.
  6. In start window, there you see a link for creating a new projectnewProject
  7. Click on Create a new project link, then a dialog box will appearChooseSDL
  8. From Dialog box choose SDL project and click the Go buttonSDLProject
  9. Give the name and path of the project and click the Next buttonPath
  10. Now Give the path of the SDL folder you have just created and Click Next
  11. Finally click the finish button and now you are ready to create your SDL project
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