Solution of eight queens problem in Prolog

Eight queens problem is a constraint satisfaction problem. The task is to place eight queens in the 64 available squares in such a way that no queen attacks each other. So the problem can be formulated with variables x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7,x8 and y1,y2,y3,y4,y5,y6, y7,y8; the xs represent the rows and ys the column. Now a solution for this problem is to assign values for x and for y such that the constraint is satisfied.

The problem can be formulated as

Now a solution to this problem is an instance of P wherein the above mentioned constraints are satisfied.

Source Code:


A=4, B=2, C=7, D=3, E=6, F=8, G=5, H=1
A=5, B=2, C=4, D=7, E=3, F=8, G=6, H=1
A=3, B=5, C=2, D=8, E=6, F=4, G=7, H=1
A=3, B=6, C=4, D=2, E=8, F=5, G=7, H=1
A=5, B=7, C=1, D=3, E=8, F=6, G=4, H=2
A=4, B=6, C=8, D=3, E=1, F=7, G=5, H=2
A=3, B=6, C=8, D=1, E=4, F=7, G=5, H=2
A=5, B=3, C=8, D=4, E=7, F=1, G=6, H=2
A=5, B=7, C=4, D=1, E=3, F=8, G=6, H=2
A=4, B=1, C=5, D=8, E=6, F=3, G=7, H=2
A=3, B=6, C=4, D=1, E=8, F=5, G=7, H=2
A=4, B=7, C=5, D=3, E=1, F=6, G=8, H=2
A=6, B=4, C=2, D=8, E=5, F=7, G=1, H=3
A=6, B=4, C=7, D=1, E=8, F=2, G=5, H=3
A=1, B=7, C=4, D=6, E=8, F=2, G=5, H=3
A=6, B=8, C=2, D=4, E=1, F=7, G=5, H=3
A=6, B=2, C=7, D=1, E=4, F=8, G=5, H=3
A=4, B=7, C=1, D=8, E=5, F=2, G=6, H=3
A=5, B=8, C=4, D=1, E=7, F=2, G=6, H=3
A=4, B=8, C=1, D=5, E=7, F=2, G=6, H=3
A=2, B=7, C=5, D=8, E=1, F=4, G=6, H=3
A=1, B=7, C=5, D=8, E=2, F=4, G=6, H=3
A=2, B=5, C=7, D=4, E=1, F=8, G=6, H=3
A=4, B=2, C=7, D=5, E=1, F=8, G=6, H=3
A=5, B=7, C=1, D=4, E=2, F=8, G=6, H=3
A=6, B=4, C=1, D=5, E=8, F=2, G=7, H=3
A=5, B=1, C=4, D=6, E=8, F=2, G=7, H=3
A=5, B=2, C=6, D=1, E=7, F=4, G=8, H=3
A=6, B=3, C=7, D=2, E=8, F=5, G=1, H=4
A=2, B=7, C=3, D=6, E=8, F=5, G=1, H=4
A=7, B=3, C=1, D=6, E=8, F=5, G=2, H=4
A=5, B=1, C=8, D=6, E=3, F=7, G=2, H=4
A=1, B=5, C=8, D=6, E=3, F=7, G=2, H=4
A=3, B=6, C=8, D=1, E=5, F=7, G=2, H=4
A=6, B=3, C=1, D=7, E=5, F=8, G=2, H=4
A=7, B=5, C=3, D=1, E=6, F=8, G=2, H=4
A=7, B=3, C=8, D=2, E=5, F=1, G=6, H=4
A=5, B=3, C=1, D=7, E=2, F=8, G=6, H=4
A=2, B=5, C=7, D=1, E=3, F=8, G=6, H=4
A=3, B=6, C=2, D=5, E=8, F=1, G=7, H=4
A=6, B=1, C=5, D=2, E=8, F=3, G=7, H=4
A=8, B=3, C=1, D=6, E=2, F=5, G=7, H=4
A=2, B=8, C=6, D=1, E=3, F=5, G=7, H=4
A=5, B=7, C=2, D=6, E=3, F=1, G=8, H=4
A=3, B=6, C=2, D=7, E=5, F=1, G=8, H=4
A=6, B=2, C=7, D=1, E=3, F=5, G=8, H=4
A=3, B=7, C=2, D=8, E=6, F=4, G=1, H=5
A=6, B=3, C=7, D=2, E=4, F=8, G=1, H=5
A=4, B=2, C=7, D=3, E=6, F=8, G=1, H=5
A=7, B=1, C=3, D=8, E=6, F=4, G=2, H=5
A=1, B=6, C=8, D=3, E=7, F=4, G=2, H=5
A=3, B=8, C=4, D=7, E=1, F=6, G=2, H=5
A=6, B=3, C=7, D=4, E=1, F=8, G=2, H=5
A=7, B=4, C=2, D=8, E=6, F=1, G=3, H=5
A=4, B=6, C=8, D=2, E=7, F=1, G=3, H=5
A=2, B=6, C=1, D=7, E=4, F=8, G=3, H=5
A=2, B=4, C=6, D=8, E=3, F=1, G=7, H=5
A=3, B=6, C=8, D=2, E=4, F=1, G=7, H=5
A=6, B=3, C=1, D=8, E=4, F=2, G=7, H=5
A=8, B=4, C=1, D=3, E=6, F=2, G=7, H=5
A=4, B=8, C=1, D=3, E=6, F=2, G=7, H=5
A=2, B=6, C=8, D=3, E=1, F=4, G=7, H=5
A=7, B=2, C=6, D=3, E=1, F=4, G=8, H=5
A=3, B=6, C=2, D=7, E=1, F=4, G=8, H=5
A=4, B=7, C=3, D=8, E=2, F=5, G=1, H=6
A=4, B=8, C=5, D=3, E=1, F=7, G=2, H=6
A=3, B=5, C=8, D=4, E=1, F=7, G=2, H=6
A=4, B=2, C=8, D=5, E=7, F=1, G=3, H=6
A=5, B=7, C=2, D=4, E=8, F=1, G=3, H=6
A=7, B=4, C=2, D=5, E=8, F=1, G=3, H=6
A=8, B=2, C=4, D=1, E=7, F=5, G=3, H=6
A=7, B=2, C=4, D=1, E=8, F=5, G=3, H=6
A=5, B=1, C=8, D=4, E=2, F=7, G=3, H=6
A=4, B=1, C=5, D=8, E=2, F=7, G=3, H=6
A=5, B=2, C=8, D=1, E=4, F=7, G=3, H=6
A=3, B=7, C=2, D=8, E=5, F=1, G=4, H=6
A=3, B=1, C=7, D=5, E=8, F=2, G=4, H=6
A=8, B=2, C=5, D=3, E=1, F=7, G=4, H=6
A=3, B=5, C=2, D=8, E=1, F=7, G=4, H=6
A=3, B=5, C=7, D=1, E=4, F=2, G=8, H=6
A=5, B=2, C=4, D=6, E=8, F=3, G=1, H=7
A=6, B=3, C=5, D=8, E=1, F=4, G=2, H=7
A=5, B=8, C=4, D=1, E=3, F=6, G=2, H=7
A=4, B=2, C=5, D=8, E=6, F=1, G=3, H=7
A=4, B=6, C=1, D=5, E=2, F=8, G=3, H=7
A=6, B=3, C=1, D=8, E=5, F=2, G=4, H=7
A=5, B=3, C=1, D=6, E=8, F=2, G=4, H=7
A=4, B=2, C=8, D=6, E=1, F=3, G=5, H=7
A=6, B=3, C=5, D=7, E=1, F=4, G=2, H=8
A=6, B=4, C=7, D=1, E=3, F=5, G=2, H=8
A=4, B=7, C=5, D=2, E=6, F=1, G=3, H=8
A=5, B=7, C=2, D=6, E=3, F=1, G=4, H=8
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2 Responses

  1. Apex says:

    Basically it's backtracking with generating permutations of 8 where the index(i) of the array is the row and the value (v[i]) is the column, plus a few more checks for diagonal moves.

  2. Cyberlacs says:

    Please would like to know if there is a possibility to make downloads of the code *. Pl

    This code shows the end of the run the amount of possibility exists to solve the problem of 8 queens?

    Leave the link available for download from the project ready format pl native prolog

    I'm waiting

    thank you

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