Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Depth First Search in C++ – Algorithm and Source Code

Basic Theory
Depth – first searches are performed by diving downward into a tree as quickly as possible. It does this by always generating a child node from the most recently expanded node, then generating that child’s children, and so on until a goal is found or some cutoff depth point d is reached. If a goal is not found when a leaf node is reached or at the cutoff point, the program backtracks to the most recently expanded node and generates another of its children. This process continues until a goal is found or failure occurs.
An algorithm for the depth – first search is the same as that for breadth first search except in the ordering of the nodes.

Breadth First Search in C++ – Algorithm and Source Code

Basic Theory
Breadth – first searches are performed by exploring all nodes at a given depth before proceeding to the next level. This means that all immediate children of nodes are explored before any of the children’s children are considered. It has obvious advantage of always finding a minimal path length solution when one exists. However, a great many nodes may need to be explored before a solution is found, especially if the tree is very full.
BFS uses a queue structure to hold all generate but still unexplored nodes. The order in which nodes are placed on the queue for removal and exploration determines the type of search. The BFS algorithm proceeds as follows.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Step by step procedures to setup Android application development on Eclipse.

Step 1: Download JDK
Here is the link to download the JDK DOWNLOAD. Note: download the JDK that matches with your operating system i.e. download x64 version of JDK if you have x64 bit operating system for better performance.
Step 2: Download Eclipse
Download and install Eclipse from its official site. You can download any flavor of Eclipse i.e. Helios, Indigo, Galileo, Juno etc. But I prefer Eclipse Indigo. Note: download the Eclipse that matches with your operating system version.
Step 3: Download and Install ADT Plugin

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Backup MySQL database from phpMyAdmin

MySQL database can be easily backed up from phpMyAdmin. Here are few steps :
  • Open phpMyAdmin using URL: http://localhost/phpmyadmin  in the case of Locahost otherwise  open it from your hosting server.
  • Select the database to backup.
  • Click Export.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bike race game in C++ and SDL – Free download source code and executable file.

The bike race game is another mini project in C++ and SDL. The project is entirely focused on implementation of SDL in C++. SDL is a 2D gaming graphics library and is best for the beginner.
  1. Sanjeev Karn
  2. Shekh Maquesood Alam
  3. Swatantra Kumar Karna
Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, 065 Electrical Engineering

The source code is available on GitHub.