Setting up FTP server vsftpd in Fedora 16

The file transfer protocol (FTP) can be used to transfer files across different systems. In this article, I set up a secure ftp server vsftpd in my fedora machine and access the files on this server from my friend Niroj Karki’s client computer. To set up the file server on fedora you need to first install the ftp server using following command

Open the file /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.confand uncomment/add the following line

Using local_enable = YES and chroot_local_user = YESyou can use ftp locally. Now create a user list file inside /etc/vsftpd and add the user ftpuser into it. Here I add niroj in the list

(I already created user niroj and added to the group ftpusers using following commands)


Now start the ftp server using following command

Now the ftp server is running. Let’s put some file inside the public directory so that user can download it from their machine. Here I have added chapter1.ppt inside /var/ftp/pubdirectory and also inside /var/www/htmldirectory. Finally see your firewall setting and make sure firewall allows ftp.

In client’s computer (Niroj’s computer in my case) enter the following command in terminal. (The below command try to connect to my server from Niroj’s computer and download the file chapter1.ppt)


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