Friday, November 1, 2013

Business Intelligence (BI) implementation in Nepalese Telecommunications

This article aims at discovering the business intelligence technologies that can be applied to the telecommunication industries to facilitate the business process. I have used the data warehouse approach to build the warehouse of telecom data from which various reporting tolls can be used to visualize these data and perform various types of analysis to support the decision making process. Furthermore, I have pointed out some data mining methods that can be added to make it more intelligent as its name "Business Intelligence'. This article shows all the steps from data collection to report generation through warehouse ETC process with related technological background and tools and technologies wherever necessary.

You can download the full article from here.

Linear Regression in Machine Learning

Linear regression is used in machine learning to predict the output for a new data based on the previous data set. Suppose you have data set of shoes containing 100 different sized shoes along with prices. Now if you want to predict a price of a shoe of size (say) 9.5 then one way of doing prediction is by using linear regression. We train the model based on those 100 data. After training we will have a hypothesis and based on this hypothesis we can predict the price of the new shoe.